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Modern Catering: Wedding Food Trends

The attraction of having a traditional three-course meal plan on your wedding day is understandable, but if you are planning an unforgettable contemporary wedding reception in, you may want to give Maison Culinaire a call. They will not only deliver delicious food but will guide you through planning your day from start till the end! [...]

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Get Wedding Catering from Maison Culinaire

A great wedding is like a great meal – a fusion of elements brought together, with each aspect impeccably adding to the overall impact.   At weddings, very often the meal is what truly ties everything together.  When your wedding catering is on point, everything else about your wedding will seem like it falls into place. [...]

Keep Calm we are almost there…

Don’t forget! Next Saturday we are going to be at Around The World Cultural Food Festival […]

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Sabias que El Salvador es

Sabias que… El Salvador  is of the world’s most famous surfing destinations in the Pacific coast.   […]

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Did you know that Java Island

Did you know that… Java Island is recorded as the home one of the early human in the world which is Homo Erectus Palaeojavanicus.   […]

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Corporate Catering | Office Catering | Maison Culinaire

Team building projects and exercises are a great way to improve the effectiveness of your organization – but only when they go perfectly.  A poor team-building exercise can do more harm than good, and that is something to be avoided at all costs. […]

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Did you know that Karedok

Did you know that… Karedok is a local specialty food in Indonesia. Karedok made with ingredients such as raw vegetables; cucumber, bean sprouts, cabbage, green beans, basil, and eggplant. While the sauce is peanut sauce made from red peppers, garlic, kencur, peanuts, tamarind water, sugar, salt, and shrimp paste. Karedok.   […]

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More about around the world

Did you know that …. The biggest flower in the world was found in Indonesia which is Rafflesia Arnoldii. […]

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Did you know that El Salvador is

Did you know that… El Salvador  is of the world’s most famous surfing destinations in the Pacific coast.   […]

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Sabias que

Sabias que …. Diseñada por el escultor Rubén Martínez y terminada en 1971, la Iglesia El Rosario en San Salvador es radicalmente hermosa. Podría decirse que es la mejor iglesia de América Central, su incomparable exterior de hormigón oculta un techo abovedado y un arco iris de luz natural que se precipita sobre el altar [...]

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