5 Ways to Find the Best Caterer

When you need to hire a caterer for your special event in Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia, you want to hire the best.  But just how do you find the best caterer who can handle your event within your budget? Read on to find out!

find the best caterer - 5 Ways to Find the Best Caterer

#1. Ask for Referrals

The best way to find a great catering company is by referral. Who have your friends, relatives and co-workers used before? Ask them who they liked—and why. They may have loved the food, but hated the price or process. Or they may have loved the staff and service, but weren’t crazy about the food. Gather their opinions into your decision-making process. You’ll want to align your needs with the best aspects of their catering experiences.

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#2. Check Online Reviews

In today’s communicative culture, people write about what they don’t like more than what they do like. You may find some eye-opening comments about a caterer you were on the fence about hiring. On the other hand, you may see raving, five-star reviews about a catering company you didn’t know much about. Feel free to ask the caterer about specific reviews—good or bad. Their answers might be very telling.

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#3. Look at the Caterer’s Website

Most caterers post customer testimonials on their websites. To find a good caterer, read through those testimonials to get an idea of what people liked about working with that particular caterer. Look around at other things on the website. Does the site make you feel comfortable and provide enough information that you want to contact the company?

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#4. Get a Tasting

Some caterers offer tastings of menus they recommend. They’ve been creating events like yours for many years and can recommend certain menus for specific occasions. If you must make an impression on your guests, it could be in your best interest to try out the foods you’re going to serve prior to the event date.

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#5. Talk Money

Conversations about money can be tricky. Be very clear on your budget amount and ask about available choices within that budget, and don’t let yourself be bullied into spending more than you should. A good caterer will accommodate your needs. If you feel that the money conversation is awful, look elsewhere.

Be sure to ask what is included in the catering service too. You don’t want to be surprised later when you find out that many items you thought were included incurred extra charges.  Your caterer may have creative ways to work within your budget, like a budget-friendly package or menu template.

find the best5 600x300 - 5 Ways to Find the Best Caterer

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