7 Reasons to Hold a Winter Wedding

Is there anything more gorgeous and romantic than a winter wedding? Imagine the bride in white, with bright red roses and a fur-trimmed cape against a snowy backdrop. A winter wedding can take elegance to the max. Winter wedding catering can also be special, with warming foods and decorations that make everyone feel comfortable and loved.

Here are 7 reasons to hold a Winter wedding!

Winter Wedding cover - 7 Reasons to Hold a Winter Wedding

#1. Venues are Cheaper

Peak wedding seasons run high in the warmer months, so you may be able to strike a good deal on a special wedding venue in winter. Let your wedding planner use their connections to negotiate the price, and ask your caterer venues that they recommend. The catering staff works closely with venues of all types and can not only offer advice, they can help arrange your reception and all the extras as well.

#2. More Dates are Open

Because they’re not as busy, venues, caterers, photographers and other wedding-related services have many more dates available for your winter wedding. But don’t wait until the last minute, you still need to plan ahead to ensure that the venue and the caterer are available on the date you want.

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#3. There’s Less Need to Decorate

Many venues are already decked out for the holidays or the winter season, so you don’t have to worry about decorations. Use the winter-themed décor to your advantage when planning your winter wedding.

#4. Travel Deals are Better

You’ll be traveling off season, which is an advantage for your out-of-town guests. And if you’re not traveling to a popular winter destination, you can find bargains for your honeymoon travel.

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 #5. People Will Look Forward to Attending

During warmer months, people are often busy with outdoor sports, vacations, and yard work. In the winter, they are anxious to get out of the house and attend a special event. Your enthusiastic guests will revel in your fabulous celebration and your wonderful winter wedding catering options.

#6. You’ll Be Cooler

In the summer months, both the wedding party and guests can swelter in the heat and humidity. In winter, black tie attire is welcomed!

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#7. You Have Lots of Great Choices for Winter Wedding Catering

When the weather is cold, people turn to comfort foods that inspire a warm hearth and a cozy, intimate feeling. You have a wide range of choices in this category, so let your caterer guide you. They can match a theme or suggest International options that will truly delight your guests.

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Winter Wedding Catering from Maison Culinaire

When it comes to winter weddings, Maison Culinaire won’t be outdone. We can provide everything from menu consultations to recommendations on exceptional wedding venues, to all the extras you need to make your wedding special, like tables and chairs, table settings, and winter wedding décor.

The standout is, of course, our catering. You won’t find a more extensive background in International catering than with Chef Sus. She will personally aid in defining the ideal winter wedding menu with you. And just wait until you taste our food. We’re sure you and your guests will be pleased.

Maison Culinaire ensures the freshest and most delicious foods, served with the utmost in professional service, from casual buffet-style, to carving and serving stations, to a full French service. We make sure a catering manager is on site from the set-up to breakdown at your winter wedding to ensure flawless execution from beginning to end.

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When it comes to winter weddings in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, choose Maison Culinaire. Contact us today to check our available catering dates.