Are Fresh Ingredients Really Better for Catering?

When we say our food is fresh, you can believe it is as fresh as if we picked it that morning. The brightness of flavor and colorful appearance can only come from the freshest ingredients. If we can’t grow it ourselves, we work with local vendors known for the highest-quality ingredients. Are fresh ingredients better for catering? You bet!
fresh ingredients - Are Fresh Ingredients Really Better for Catering?

How Does the Maison Culinaire Garden Grow?

Just outside our catering kitchen, Maison Culinaire tends its own garden where we grow the herbs used in our cooking. There’s nothing like stepping outside your door to snip off sprigs of rosemary, gather a handful of stems of chives, or pluck a few leaves of basil to add a fresh zing to any menu. If we had the space, we’d grow all our vegetables! That’s how passionate we are about freshness.

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Why are Fresh Ingredients Better for Catering?

There are a number of reasons we insist on fresh ingredients for our catering menus. A big reason is because we care so much about you and your dining experience. Once you taste our cuisines, you’ll want to use Maison Culinaire again and again!
Beef Chimichurri Platter - Are Fresh Ingredients Really Better for Catering?

Here are some of the other reasons we insist on using fresh ingredients:


Foods taste best when the ingredients are fresh. Let the ingredients get old, and they continue to lose flavor. Preserved and packaged foods also don’t stand up to the flavors of fresh ingredients. We purchase our ingredients as close to our catering date as possible to ensure their freshness. Since we cook everything from scratch, it is the only way to go.


When foods begin to age, they lose color and consistency. This makes them less visually appealing, not to mention less tasty. We will not serve old ingredients. We want the visual aspect of our food service to be as appealing as the taste.


Fresh ingredients do not contain preservatives, pesticides or other chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Vegetables and fruit also feature the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals when they are just picked. When foods are fresh, their overall nutritional value is at its highest.

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Saving Money

We don’t have to pay for packaging or middlemen when we source our ingredients locally. Many of our items come directly from the farm to your table. In addition, since we grow our own herb garden, there is a substantial cost savings there. This allows us to pass along the savings to you.

Today’s catering customers demand more than sausage rolls on a plate. They want innovative, fresh and seasonal foods. Using local suppliers enables us to showcase some of our area’s finest foods while supporting the local economy. It’s part of our mission of social responsibility as well as a choice.

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Fresh, Innovative and Delicious Cuisine from Maison Culinaire

Fresh and delicious international cuisine is what Maison Culinaire is known for. When you want to cater a wedding, reception or party, or want to bring catering in for your corporate or government meetings or events, give us a call. We’ll be glad to walk you through a wide variety of catering options and help define your menu filled with fresh ingredients.

For catering in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland, contact Maison Culinaire.

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