Maison Culinaire’s Essential Winery Wedding Catering Checklist

If you’re thinking about holding a destination wedding, you need look no farther than the lovely wineries and vineyards that dot the Washington DC metropolitan region. The backdrop, with its verdant vines, rolling hills, and classic, rustic or modern architecture can’t be beat. But what about the catering? Most wineries allow and encourage outside caterers for parties and wedding receptions. They are not equipped to handle large catering events on their own. This gives you the [...]

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Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

We at Maison Culinaire are blessed to work with so many great people throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. We are always thrilled to get feedback that we did another fantastic job catering their event. Although we are humble and strive only to provide the best catering, we thought you might want to see what other people are saying about Maison Culinaire. Super Special Wedding “If you want your wedding day to be super special, you [...]

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5 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Catering

One of the largest expenses you have with a wedding is the catering. You want to provide an excellent reception for your guests, but you also need to make sure you stay within your budget. Here are 5 ways to save money on wedding catering. 1. Compare Prices When it comes to wedding catering, you have lots of options. You don’t have to go with the first one you speak with or use your cousin’s wedding caterer. Make [...]

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Are Fresh Ingredients Really Better for Catering?

When we say our food is fresh, you can believe it is as fresh as if we picked it that morning. The brightness of flavor and colorful appearance can only come from the freshest ingredients. If we can’t grow it ourselves, we work with local vendors known for the highest-quality ingredients. Are fresh ingredients better for catering? You bet! How Does the Maison Culinaire Garden Grow? Just outside our catering kitchen, Maison Culinaire tends its own [...]

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Catering Ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Back to back, in the months of May and June, dates are set aside to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They are a time to reflect on the love and sacrifices your parents and grandparents gave to ensure that you had a good life. They are also a time to gather the family together for a celebration of life. Rather than have mom spend the day at the stove, or dad at the grill (not [...]

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Our International Community in Washington D.C Wants International Cuisine

Living and working here in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we are surrounded by people from different cultures. Between the job opportunities and the DC Embassies, you are likely to hear a number of different accents, and delight in the various styles of our varied cultures. One thing this international community wants is international cuisine—which is a specialty of Maison Culinaire. An International Background Maison Culinaire’s chef/owner, Chef Sus Grondin-Butler originally hails from Indonesia, and grew [...]

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Catering Plus from Maison Culinaire

Maison Culinaire has built up a solid reputation as a caterer for weddings, corporate, and special events. We are known for our International cuisine, impeccable food, artistry and flawless service, but did you know that Maison Culinaire also goes the extra mile to provide everything you might need for your special event? It’s Catering Plus—your one-stop resource. There are so many elements to pulling off a memorable affair and the details of hiring, coordinating and arranging [...]

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5 Ways to Spice up your Corporate Catered Lunch Menu

Tired of the same old sandwich choices? Don’t have time to go out for lunch? Need to feed a team quickly and efficiently? Then why not cater in a corporate lunch?! There are many reasons and ways to hold a corporate catered lunch, ranging from the ultra-casual to an impressive formal affair for clients. Many corporate lunches are provided so that your office team can keep working through a meeting or event without having to leave [...]

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This Labor Day weekend, mark your calendars for an amazing culinary adventure

Epicurience Virginia, in partnership with SAVEUR. Three straight days of award-winning wines, farm-to-table food, local events, chef demonstrations, live bands, and educational seminars—an epicurean experience of Virginia’s finest. Please take a look at the Friday night dinner 8 Chains North is hosting. We have a delicious menu planned by local chef, plus get information on how you can receive discounted tickets or volunteer at the Grand Tasting. Maison Culinaire and 8 Chains North Vineyard Dinner & [...]

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Healthy Eating

Choosing to eat healthy food is smart, but how healthy are you really eating? If you don't know how to read a label or aren't sure just how much fat should be in your diet, chances are you could improve your diet. Maison Culinaire Inc has been cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients for years, and on this page, we share this experience with you so that you can prepare delicious and healthy meals for you [...]

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