Wedding Catering

Exquisite Vegan Wedding Catering Ideas

When you and your fiancé are vegans, planning your wedding catering can be tricky. However, there are ways to make sure your preferences are kept while at the same time, you provide a sumptuous reception for your guests who may or may not be vegan themselves. It’s easy when you use a caterer that understands [...]

Why Picky Brides LOVE Maison Culinaire

If you’ve ever heard the term “Bridezilla,” you know that it refers to a bride that has become unhinged over the frustrations about her wedding. Things are going wrong, people aren’t responding, or unexpected snafus keep popping up. The Bridezilla syndrome is one thing brides don’t have to worry about here. Picky brides LOVE Maison [...]

5 Tips for a Tropical or Beach-Themed Wedding

Are you thinking about having a tropical or beach theme for your wedding? It’s easy with these tips—even if you’re not near the beach! #1. Pick a waterfront location There are plenty of waterfront venues where you can throw a fabulous tropical-themed wedding. With the number of riverfront, lakefront and Bay-front venues in the Washington DC [...]

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Thinking About an Eco-Friendly Wedding? Here’s How to Pull it Off! With all the focus on green living and sustainability, a number of couples are looking at carrying that theme into their wedding. Having an eco-friendly wedding is easy with these tips: Recycle a Wedding Dress It used to be popular to pass down a [...]

Maison Culinaire’s Essential Winery Wedding Catering Checklist

If you’re thinking about holding a destination wedding, you need look no farther than the lovely wineries and vineyards that dot the Washington DC metropolitan region. The backdrop, with its verdant vines, rolling hills, and classic, rustic or modern architecture can’t be beat. But what about the catering? Most wineries allow and encourage outside caterers [...]

5 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Catering

One of the largest expenses you have with a wedding is the catering. You want to provide an excellent reception for your guests, but you also need to make sure you stay within your budget. Here are 5 ways to save money on wedding catering. 1. Compare Prices When it comes to wedding catering, you have lots [...]

How to Pick the Best Wedding Venue in Northern Virginia, Maryland, & Washington D.C.

At Maison Culinaire, we are often asked “what are your favorite wedding venues?” Having catered weddings for decades throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, we have worked in all types of wedding venues, from the most elegant to the charmingly rustic, so we don’t have one favorite, but many!   Brides and grooms look [...]

Wedding Planning: The Right Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

If you’re getting married this year, you’ll want to start lining up who will be catering your wedding reception as soon as possible, as they are one of the first services to book up. To help you choose, here are the right questions to ask your wedding caterer:   Questions to Ask When Hiring a [...]

What Does Black Tie or White Tie Mean?

When you receive an invitation to an event, you may notice at the bottom that it offers suggestions or requirements for a dress code ranging anywhere from casual to White Tie. Since these divisions can be confusing, we’ll explore the differences of what black tie or white tie means. […]

Get Wedding Catering from Maison Culinaire

A great wedding is like a great meal – a fusion of elements brought together, with each aspect impeccably adding to the overall impact.   At weddings, very often the meal is what truly ties everything together.  When your wedding catering is on point, everything else about your wedding will seem like it falls into place. [...]