Catering Ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Back to back, in the months of May and June, dates are set aside to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They are a time to reflect on the love and sacrifices your parents and grandparents gave to ensure that you had a good life. They are also a time to gather the family together for a celebration of life.

Rather than have mom spend the day at the stove, or dad at the grill (not to stereotype!), why not spoil them a little bit and cater your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations. Here are some great ideas that will get your imagination flowing.

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Order In a Special Meal for Delivery

No matter what size your gathering is, from an intimate family meal to a reunion celebration, you can order your catered meal and have it delivered. Go casual with a family-style barbeque with chicken, pork or beef, sides, rolls and beverages. Or take it up a notch with a menu custom designed to include all of mom’s or dad’s favorites. Maison Culinaire will package your meal, whether hot or cold, and deliver it to your home or event location. We have a special catering truck to ensure your meal arrives at the right temperature, or you can arrange to pick up your meal yourself at our kitchen.

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Catering Buffet Style

Take the work out of providing food, decorations and service for your event by having Maison Culinaire cater it for you. For a more casual celebration, we can set up buffet stations where you guests can serve themselves. Take it up a notch with creation stations where your foods are freshly prepared by individual staff members. Create a nacho or taco station, a crepe station (great for savory or dessert crepes), a raw bar, pasta bar or grill, for example, where meals are prepared before your eyes—to the delight of your guests.

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Formal Seated Catering

If you want to offer your family and guests a special treat, engage Maison Culinaire for a fully-catered seated meal. You choose the menu, from homestyle favorites like meatloaf or fried chicken to elegant fare like Beef Wellington or broiled lobster, as examples, and let us create the magic. We’ll artistically plate each meal so that the aroma and presentation of the foods tempt guests even before they take their first bite.

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Our all-inclusive catering package can include tables, chairs, table settings, decorations, and a full service staff. French service is also available. If you need extras to make your event special, like entertainment, a dance floor or floral arrangements, we can help with those also!

Take the Work out of your Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Catering with Maison Culinaire

One of the best benefits about catering your Mother’s Day or Father’s Day celebration with Maison Culinaire is that we do all the work for you! You can just sit back and relax, and enjoy the time together without having to worry about cooking, serving or cleaning up. Whether your meal is delivered or you have a fully-catered event, you can trust Maison Culinaire to provide the freshest, best-tasting foods, and the finest presentations.

For these, or any special events, contact Maison Culinaire.

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