Five Corporate Catering Trends for 2020

Do you feel like your company is holding more meetings than ever? If so, you’re right. The trends show that schedules are filled with lunch meetings, client meetings, all-company meetings and special events, and all this leaves little time for corporate workers to go out to restaurants. The solution: cater meals in.

Upwards of $19.6 billion is spent on food for meetings and events each year, delivered to their offices and meeting sites, according to Technomic, an industry analyst. This can result in a nightmare of phone calls and arrangements for those unfamiliar with the process.

Corporate Catering trends cover - Five Corporate Catering Trends for 2020

#1. Healthy Eating

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People in the corporate world have a much more targeted focus on healthy eating than ever before. Event planners should look at healthy options when determine a menu for a corporate lunch or corporate event. Ask your caterer to help you plan out a health-conscious menu for your next event.

Maison Culinaire makes it a practice to source as many of its meats and seasonal produce from local farms. We even grow our own herbs on site. This ensures the tastiest meals made with the freshest ingredients.

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#3. Eco-Friendliness

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Caterers are incorporating green initiatives into their preparation and service methods. Things like biodegradable plates, reduced use of disposable plastic bottles, lighter packaging, composting and recycling are catering trends that are becoming more common. If being green is important to your company, ask your caterer what green practices they are employing.

#3. Online Ordering

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Corporate caterers need to offer 24/7 ordering availability to keep up with odd-hour schedules of their corporate clients. Caterers should provide an online menu and a way of ordering at any time of day or night, either through an e-commerce app or via email or another online method.

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#4. Simplicity

Find a good caterer and stick with them. Set up systems to order and reorder, to make things easier for all. Once the caterer is familiar with your tastes and preferences, they can quickly pull together menus and service for any size event—from the team lunch to an all-office conference. That provides simplicity to the corporate ordering process.

#5. Fun

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It doesn’t take much to amp up the fun level on any corporate catering. Caterers can offer a range of décor options from colorful place settings to tiered servers, or can dress up even a boxed lunch with special wrappings. Include a little surprise in each corporate lunch! This is sure to bring smiles to your team members’ faces.  Catering trends are to try a new cuisine, or come up with a theme for each meeting just to spice things up. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask us!

Corporate Catering from Maison Culinaire

Our clients, located in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, can be some of the most trend-conscious people in the country! We’re always excited to talk to them to learn what new ideas they have for their corporate functions and how we can match their enthusiasm with trendy new ideas  and menus of our own—not that the tried-and-true menus ever go out of style!

When you need a corporate caterer to provide delicious food, served with artistry, there is no other choice than Maison Culinaire.

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