Food That Looks Too Good to Eat!

Do you remember attending an event where the food was arranged in such a fashion that you couldn’t tell where the decorations left off and the real food began? That’s what’s known as the “artistry” of catering, and it is something Maison Culinaire is known for.

Picture a tall display packed full of tasty, tempting treats. Or a wicker basket overflowing with warm, fresh bread alongside a colorful arrangement of crudités and cheeses. Various stands and blocks can be arranged to offer towers of various heights that exhibit your food to its finest.

Imagine offering your foods on platters within individual food containers, like miniature Chinese take-out boxes and chopsticks, or tiny champagne glasses brimming with whipped sweet potatoes and brown sugar toppings, for example.

That’s just the start of how Maison Culinaire can combine wonderful foods with “wow” displays. Some of our favorite displays even include mirrors and lighting effects. Upscale decorations like ice sculptures can be carved to match your company’s logo or special event’s theme.

Check out our Gallery for “wow” ideas!

Food to Good cover - Food That Looks Too Good to Eat!

How Maison Culinaire Designs “Wow” Catering

#1. Theme

One of the first decisions is the theme. Do you want a large, traditional display or a sleek and modern look? Are there colors you’d like to incorporate, styles of food, or particular cuisines?

Hus d Oeuvres Buffet 3 - Food That Looks Too Good to Eat!

#2. Space

How much space do you have set aside for food service? Are there long tables where a horizontal spread is preferred, or do you want the displays to run vertical? What impact do you want to make? How will the flow of guests move naturally to and from the food area?

= Maison Staff at Stations ready to serve - Food That Looks Too Good to Eat!

#3. Location

Will your event be held inside or outside? Will the weather be cold or hot? We need to consider the event space conditions in order to plan our catering accordingly.

IMG 6508 - Food That Looks Too Good to Eat!

#4. Food Choices

Do you choose a cold food service, or do you want hot foods, or a combination of both? Do you want foods served in unique individual presentations, or a seated service with a professionally-plated meal? Do you have a unique cuisine or cooking style in mind?

Rehearsal Dinner - Food That Looks Too Good to Eat!

#5. Decorations

Do you want Maison Culinaire to provide the decorations and décor, or will we need to incorporate your own decorations and floral arrangements? Not matter what you choose, we’ll make it all look spectacular!

FORMAL BLACK TIE TABLE SET UP - Food That Looks Too Good to Eat!

#6. Service

What service style would you like? Buffet or seated? Service stations or servers? Our professional catering staff will ensure that your food service looks good throughout the entire event. You won’t find empty dishes or half-eaten entrees on your “wow” table. We’ll restock throughout the event and pay attention to how the entire display looks, picking up and wiping up as we go along.

Maison Staff Before Service - Food That Looks Too Good to Eat!

Since we’ve been in the catering business for many years, we have designed a wide variety of stunning visual presentations for our clients. And we maintain quite a number of design elements we use again and again to build our displays.

Properly executed by a professional catering company, your event will have the “wow” factor you’re going for. It makes us smile to hear your guests say, “That looks too good to eat!” And it should make you proud too. After all, it is your party they will remember, long after the day is done.

Artistic Catering by Maison Culinaire

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large banquet, you can expect an impeccable event each and every time. We go the extra mile to make sure your event looks great, as well as tastes great. Talk to us about presentation options…and prepare to be wowed!

If you’re in the Washington DC metropolitan region, contact Maison Culinaire today.