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There’s no such thing as the boring wedding reception any more. Nowadays, guests are wowed by the creative and fresh menu ideas that are popping up throughout our region. If you’re looking for creative ideas for your Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C. wedding, try some of these, or ask our team at Maison Culinaire for our suggestions. After all, our catering team is known for its artistic food presentations and out-of-the-box creativity.


Some of the freshest wedding menu ideas include:

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Stylized Chef Stations

Wow your guests with a different spin on the usual carving station. Have a griddle serving up gourmet grilled cheese sandwich bites or miniature crab cakes. Indulge in a crepe station where savory or sweet crepes can be the star, along with lots of garnishes your guests can choose from. Your friends and family will have as much fun watching the chefs as they do eating the foods.


Upscale Comfort Foods

Nothing says “down home” and “high-society” at the same time like an extravagant lobster mac and cheese or whipped crème fraiche and truffle mashed potatoes served in a martini glass. Consider miniature waffles with a sumptuous topping or fresh-from-the-farm buffalo sliders. Even the simplest foods can “wow” with the right combination and presentation.


Cocktail Hour Shot Glasses

Serve up one or more warm or cold soups in shot glasses during cocktail hour, like a tomato bisque or gazpacho topped with a delicious garnish. Fill shot glasses with French fries dipped in ketchup, vegetable crudités and dip, tortilla fingers and guacamole, or shrimp in a cocktail sauce. Mini desserts work well in shot glasses too.



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Do-it-Yourself Food Bars

Construct a popcorn bar filled with pails of various flavored popcorns or set up a candy store bar featuring vintage candies from your childhood. Have small bowls for eating on site and decorative bags for carrying some home. Create a s’mores bar near an indoor or outdoor grill or hang donuts on a pegboard for a “wall of food.”


Deconstructed Foods

Taking dishes apart and presenting them in a new way is at the heart of the deconstructed meal trend. Again, it’s all about the presentation. To present a salad that’s not tossed, serve the lettuce on a plate surrounded by small mounds of vegetables, olives, cheeses, and garnishes. Offer the dressing on the side. Serve a layered filet mignon dish with a bed of garlic mashed potatoes, topped with a layer of spinach, the filet, and a crispy onion or bacon garnish. Surround the presentation in a reduction moat.

International Tastings

Instead of serving one meal, create a series of tasting stations where guests can sample foods of various countries and cultures. Pay homage to the national foods of the bride’s and groom’s nationalities or do an “around the world” tour. Maison Culinaire specializes in International Catering. Let us offer suggestions on favorites from any region.

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Take a normal food item, like pizza, and give it a new twist, like a dessert pizza with chocolate and strawberries. Or frozen cider donuts filled with coffee ice cream served on a Popsicle stick.

*Read our blog post on the Six Different Occasions for Wedding Catering to discover all the ways you can celebrate your wedding, both before and after the ceremony itself, and think outside the box for the most innovative and delicious ways to entertain.

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Stuck for Fresh Wedding Menu Ideas? Contact Maison Culinaire.

If you’re looking for unique and fresh wedding menu ideas, Maison Culinaire will be glad to help walk you through the process of selecting your wedding menus and planning your unique day. We specialize in catering weddings throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.


Maison Culinaire’s culinary team and event planners can help you coordinate your entire wedding or help you with referrals to some of the talented people and companies we trust. Let us be your one-stop wedding caterer. Contact Maison Culinaire today!


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