How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Thinking About an Eco-Friendly Wedding? Here’s How to Pull it Off!

With all the focus on green living and sustainability, a number of couples are looking at carrying that theme into their wedding. Having an eco-friendly wedding is easy with these tips:

eco friendly wedding - How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Recycle a Wedding Dress

It used to be popular to pass down a wedding dress from mother to daughter. Revive that tradition, or tweak the dress to add your own flair. Many bridal consignment shops offer wedding dresses. Hey, they’ve only been worn once, right?

Choose Antique Rings

Recycle a stone from a family member’s ring (like Harry and Meghan did with Princess Diana’s diamonds), or purchase vintage engagement rings and bands from an antique store. You can always replace a stone you don’t like with one you do.

Get Married Outdoors

Choose a wedding venue that features an outdoor ceremony and reception area. That way you won’t have to worry about cooling and lighting costs—especially if you hold your wedding during the day. Here in Northern Virginia, our beautiful wineries offer plentiful outdoor wedding opportunities. Unless you’re going truly rustic, most wedding venues offer modern amenities like changing rooms and bathrooms.

outdoor wedding - How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Arrange Transportation

Cut down on fuel usage and emissions by arranging transportation for your guests to and from your wedding and the hotel, and/or between wedding and reception locations. Hire a shuttle, or really go green with horse and carriage rides! You might even consider a haywagon for a fun alternative to driving.

Forgo the Florist

You don’t have to carry florist-bought flowers down the aisle to get married. Make the ceremony your own by carrying something meaningful to you alone, like a family bible. Choose naturally-grown wildflowers for your bouquet, or use leafy and colorful vegetables and soy-based candles as your table decorations.

Choose Recyclable Invitations

One of the most clever eco-friendly wedding invitations is the kind that contains wildflower seeds within the paper. Tossed into a garden, these invitations decompose, releasing the seeds into the soil. When the flowers emerge, they offer a wonderful reminder of the special day. Other invitation options include recycled paper or even paperless versions. Create a wedding website that includes all the pertinent details and direct people to visit.

eco friendly invite - How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Use Reusable Table Settings

Shun the single-use tablecloths, napkins and utensils for ones that can be washed and reused. Bring in nostalgic items from your home for unique table decorations.

Pick Farm-to-Table Catering

Since food is a main attraction at any wedding reception, carry on your eco-friendly wedding theme with foods sourced fresh from local farmers and growers. Your caterer can help you choose in-season foods to design your menu.

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Go Green with Maison Culinaire Wedding Catering

One of the things that sets Maison Culinaire apart is our commitment to buying locally-sourced foods. This ensures us the quality and freshness we demand for our catering business, and helps us to support our local businesses. We like to help our own community as we continue to provide exceptional catering.

We also grow our own herbs right here at our kitchens. You can’t get much fresher than that!

The Maison Culinaire team can help you plan your entire eco-friendly wedding experience, from the natural table linens, to table, chair, and tent rentals. See our post on “Catering Plus” for more details, and be sure to download our free wedding guide.

For your eco-friendly wedding, contact Maison Culinaire. Providing impeccable food, artistry and flawless service for weddings, corporate and private events throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.