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With the popularity of the weight-loss Keto Diet and Paleo Diet, you might be wondering if your local Washington D.C. catering company can accommodate these special requests.

Our simple answer at Maison Culinaire is…of course we can! One of the pleasures of working with a local caterer is that you can custom design the menu you want. Choose from our array of delicious and fresh International cuisines, or let us design a menu that is sure to please any gathering.

But first, let’s learn more about these two diet trends…

What is the Keto Diet?

The “keto” diet is actually a shortened way of saying “Ketogenic,” which is the true name of this low-carb diet. The concept behind it is that you eat more of your daily calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates, especially those found in white bread, pastries, sugar and soda. When you eat fewer carbs, your body quickly burns through them and doesn’t store them as fat, and then starts to break down existing fat and protein to give you energy, a process called “ketosis.” This is what helps you to lose weight. People generally report a quick weight loss at the beginning of their keto diet, as it takes more energy to break down fat and protein than it does carbohydrates.

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What is the Paleo Diet?

The “paleo” diet is also a shortened word representing the “Paleolithic” diet. It is sometimes called the “caveman diet” as it encourages us to return to the hunter-gatherer way our ancestors ate; they ate only foods they could find in nature. Similar to the keto diet, it focuses on the elimination of high-fat and processed foods from our diet and stresses the eating of high-fiber vegetables, fruits and lean proteins.


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The normal American diet today contains lots of refined foods, sugars, carbohydrates and trans fats (the bad kind). Choosing a variety of lean proteins helps you to feel satisfied and full between meals. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that decrease your likelihood of developing certain diseases like diabetes and cancer. And healthy fats from seeds, nuts, avocados and olive oil – especially the Omega-3 fats – can reduce the tendency of heart disease, obesity and mental degenerative diseases.

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Maison Culinaire Can Accommodate Keto and Paleo Diet Needs

When you plan your catering menu for your Washington D.C area event, whether it be a corporate event, a wedding or a government meeting, you want to make sure that you serve a variety of foods that will please everyone at your gathering.

We find, generally, that not everyone is on board with the latest diet trends, even if you are. That’s why Maison Culinaire can help you design a catering menu that can accommodate the various dietary needs within your group. If you have an event where you want the entire menu according to the keto or paleo diet, we will be glad to prepare that for you with the freshest ingredients and the most pleasing presentation.

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If you have certain members of your group that wish to stick to their keto or paleo diet, let us know that in advance and we can prepare individual meals just for those guests and a more general menu for the rest. As a professional caterer, Maison Culinaire is flexible enough to be able to accommodate any special dietary requests!


International Cuisine Offers So Many Options!

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Since Maison Culinaire is a local catering company specializing in International Cuisine, we have unlimited options when it comes to creating an exciting, healthy and tasty menu for your event. There are plenty of low-carb international recipes to choose from that perfectly suit the keto and paleo philosophies – like Greek Chicken, Japanese-style Napa cabbage rolls, Korean beef bowls or a low-carb vindaloo. Pick a theme, a country or a favorite cuisine and let us do our magic.

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When you need local catering for events in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., contact Maison Culinaire.

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