Office Catering

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Office Catering

Food is one of the main reasons that people come together for social interactions. This is important when businesses wish to a) show appreciation to their employees or b) create a positive atmosphere for clients or professional partners.

We understand that our corporate clients are busy professionals demanding high quality food and timely service. Whether it be a luncheon, a reception with hors d’oeuvre, a buffet, or seated dinner service, when a business holds a social function it has goals in mind. Maison Culinaire is here to help the businesses achieve their office catering service needs with food choices that emphasize exotic traditions as well as familiar favorites. Our catering company specializes in food from around the world. No matter the purpose of the event, your office catering menu will be tailored to entice and impress.

Corporate Catering

Corporate requires a nuanced approach to each event. Catering an Embassy with foreign diplomats will require a different approach than a university mixer or a small office gathering at a winery.

Corporate catering not only differs between businesses but between events as well. That is why we take the necessary time to thoroughly understand the expectations of our %WORKCITY% clients. We offer a wide array of dishes so you have options and our menu planners are here to help you narrow down the possibilities so that it perfectly matches your vision.

Even if all you know is the general guest list and the atmosphere you wish to create, we will gladly provide suggestions to help navigate the party planning stage.

Maison Culinaire: Food for Thought

Maison Culinaire is owned and operated by Sus Butler, an award-winning chef knowledgeable in a variety of cuisines from around the world. The service was born in 1997 after Chef Butler had spent many years as a restauranteur, but what makes Maison Culinaire stand out from other gourmet catering services is its approach. Chef Sus, a native Indonesian, originally came to America from London England, to study anthropology. Later she decided to combine her knowledge of many cultures with her passion for the culinary arts.

To try something new or enjoy an old favorite with colleagues or those you have just met is one of life’s great pleasures. It is our greatest wish to provide such moments to our clients.

Contact us for Your Next Business Catering Event

We invite you to look at the rest of our website to get a glimpse of the many services we can provide to make your gathering both mouthwatering and memorable. We offer professional catering services to fit any budget and as a certified member of the Green Restaurant Association, you can enjoy our creations knowing that our appetizers, meals, and desserts are prepared with an eye on sustainability. From black tie affairs to blackstrap barbeque picnics, we will create a catering experience perfect for your particular occasion.


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