Our International Community in Washington D.C Wants International Cuisine

Living and working here in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we are surrounded by people from different cultures. Between the job opportunities and the DC Embassies, you are likely to hear a number of different accents, and delight in the various styles of our varied cultures. One thing this international community wants is international cuisine—which is a specialty of Maison Culinaire.

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An International Background

Chef Butler CEC Copy - Our International Community in Washington D.C Wants International CuisineMaison Culinaire’s chef/owner, Chef Sus Grondin-Butler originally hails from Indonesia, and grew up in Europe and especially London as a diplomat’s daughter. She was fascinated by anthropology and came to the United States to obtain her Master’s degree in that field. Learning in-depth knowledge of other societies taught her a deep appreciation for the variety of world cultures, traditions, celebrations—and meals.

Throughout her career in restaurants and catering, Chef Sus used her passion to research and develop recipes and menus from various cultures. She can design a menu based on almost any international cuisine, to suit any occasion.

What is International Cuisine?

Basically defined, international cuisine represents the foods of a specific culture. But look around and you’ll see that international cuisine actually crosses lines between cultures. For example, pizza was actually invented by the Greeks as a flatbread topped with oil, herbs and spices, but we think of pizza as an Italian cultural food, and perhaps even an American one.

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In additional to international, or global cuisines, there are also regional, national and local cuisines. And while there are certain foods associated with specific cultures, modern chefs are using their talents to create a fusion of cuisines from different cultures to create delicious recipes. The possibilities are as endless as the types of foods.

Maison Culinaire Caters International Embassy and Government Events

Maison Culinaire is often used by government agencies and international embassies to cater their special events or corporate meals. With our knowledge of various cuisines, and our talent in the kitchens, they know they will get a delicious meal every time. We can design a menu based around one cultural cuisine, provide you with a combination or fusion meal, or even cater a “round the world” buffet event with various stations offering foods from different nationalities.

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We source our foods from our longtime local suppliers, using the freshest ingredients we can find. If there is an exotic food requested, we have resources for those items as well. Practically anything can be found in our global marketplace!

Everything is freshly made here in our expansive catering kitchen, and special dietary needs are gladly accommodated.

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Design Your International Menu with Maison Culinaire

When you need to cater a corporate, government or embassy event, talk with us. We will listen to what you have in mind and will help you design your international menu as well as offer suggestions on service styles and decorating. The final result: impeccable food, brilliant artistry, and flawless service—everything you demand from a professional caterer.

If you have an upcoming event and need an international caterer, contact Maison Culinaire. Check out our list of catering options!



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