Virginia Catering

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Virginia Catering

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A truly great event is always the product of a great collaboration. Maison Culinaire is ready to work with you to make your Virginia event into an extravaganza. Our experienced, professional, and courteous staff will work hard to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch, and that you and your guests are all completely satisfied. Our goal is to always endeavor to exceed our clients’ expectations. If you are planning an event anywhere in Virginia, call us today and give us the chance to impress you.

Our event and menu planners will encourage you to dream big, and find a way to make your dreams a reality. Whether you choose options from our set menu or work with our chefs to design a customized menu for your event, we take great pride in perfectly executing every aspect of the meal. We specialize in international cuisine from around the world, and regardless of whether you are on a tight budget or planning a major blowout event, we will ensure that the menu you have chosen will delight and inspire you and your guests.

Here at Maison Culinaire, we strive to produce and serve only the highest quality food. When possible, we source our ingredients from local Virginia area farmers who provide us with fresh, organic produce, cheeses, and other products. Our team of expert chefs knows that there are no shortcuts when creating a superior meal, and they prepare these high quality ingredients with sound, time-tested culinary techniques. When the meal is ready, our serving staff is proud to serve you and your guests with the utmost in professionalism and enthusiasm for their craft.

We are among the most highly thought of catering companies in the Virginia area, and we would be delighted to work with you to make your next event a success. Call us today!